We offer a series of customer and employee experience workshops. Based on the Purple Goldfish Series of books, we offer fifteen workshop modules across five different focus areas, including employee/customer groups as well as specific topics, including technology and purpose.

Each workshop covers our 3D methodology of Discover, Design, Deploy. During the Discover module, attendees are challenged to learn more about their customers or employees and uncover experience gaps. The Design module challenges attendees to Think Outside The Bowl™ and develop impactful CX/EX solutions. Deploy covers how to roll these programs out across your organization and close the loop with measurement and evaluation.


Each module is designed for a half-day program. Many clients will schedule a two-day workshop and cover all three modules at once, which allows additional time for executive coaching or a working session with your team.

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Stan Phelps is a popular keynote speaker and workshop facilitator. He believes that brands must focus on meaningful differentiation to win the hearts of both employees and customers. Driven by client objectives and inspired by bold vision, Stan works with clients to create programs, keynotes, and workshops that are memorable and on brand, inspiring businesses to become talkable by design. The result: programs that win BIG.

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