TEDx Talk – Rethinking Business With the Power of G.L.U.E.

My TEDxDouglasville is now live on the TED channel on YouTube. Here’s the video:

The title is “Rethinking Business With the Power of G.L.U.E.”

According to Gartner, by 2016, 89% of businesses will compete mostly on customer experience. That percentage was just 36% four years ago. There is now a need to create powerful unique experiences to drive differentiation, loyalty and referrals. The solution is G.L.U.E, the practice of giving little unexpected extras to exceed expectations. Doing the little signature things that can make a big difference.

This talk is packed with examples from leading companies such as Panera, Doubletree Hotels, Safelite, Izzy’s Ice Cream, Kimpton and Disney. Learn about the biggest myth in business, the idea of a Purple Goldfish, and how to compete in today’s customer-driven market.

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Stan Phelps is a popular keynote speaker and workshop facilitator. He believes that brands must focus on meaningful differentiation to win the hearts of both employees and customers. Driven by client objectives and inspired by bold vision, Stan works with clients to create programs, keynotes, and workshops that are memorable and on brand, inspiring businesses to become talkable by design. The result: programs that win BIG.

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