What’s Your Green Goldfish (2013)

What’s Your Green Goldfish is based on the simple premise that employees are the key drivers of customer experience and that “Happy Engaged Employees Create Happy Enthused Customers.” The book focuses on 15 different ways to drive engagement and reinforce culture. It’s the second book in the goldfish trilogy. It is based on the findings of the Green Goldfish Project, an effort which crowd sourced 1,001 examples of signature added value for employees. Key themes emerged from the Project. The book is filled with 200 examples.

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“Stan is the sherpa that guides executives along the journey between the heart and mind of business stakeholders. Stakeholders aren’t always customers though. At a time when company vision and culture matters more than ever, it takes inspired and engaged employees to bring them to life.”

Brian Solis, Author of What’s the Future of Business #WTF and The End of Business as Usual

“So often overlooked, and so very vital to building company value… empowering employees to support each other and the brand. Stan Phelps ‘gets’ it and Green Goldfish will walk you step-by-step though achieving this critical goal.”

Ted Rubin, Author of Return on Relationship

“Great customer centric organizations only exist because of engaged and empowered employees. The Green Goldfish is packed with awesome examples of what world class companies are doing today to inspire and reward their employees. If you see value in truly building an “A Team,” Green Goldfish will be, without question, your single best reference.”

Chris Zane, Founder and President of Zane’s Cycles, Author of Reinventing the Wheel

“Stan Phelps takes customer service to a whole new level by focusing on EMPLOYEE service, and how to do well by your employees – so they take care of your customers. Packed with stories, insights and R.U.L.E.S. any company can follow, this book is a must-read for managers of companies of all shapes and sizes who know that employees don’t leave jobs – they leave managers, especially when they don’t feel your love and appreciation. Pick this up, and start engaging your team and making more GREEN!

Phil Gerbyshak, Author of The Naked Truth of Social Media

“Our large-scale research shows unequivocally that engaged employees are more likely to work longer, try harder, make more suggestions for improvement, recruit others to join their company, and go out of their way to help customers. They even take less sick time. Companies can tap into the enormous value of engaged employees by following the 15 ideas that Stan lays out in this book.”

Bruce Temkin, Author of The Six Laws of Customer Experience

“Too often, the actual employment experience delivered on the job does not measure up to the version sold to job candidates during the interview process. In What’s Your Green Goldfish, Stan Phelps offers 15 ways to close the gap.”

Steve Curtin, Author of Delight Your Customers

“In What’s Your Green Goldfish, Stan Phelps brilliantly applies the idea of ‘doing a little something extra’ for employees. You know, those people that actually get the work done and keep customers happy. Read it, put some of the ideas to work, and soon you’ll be reaping more ‘green’ from your customers.”

Bob Thompson, Founder and CEO, CustomerThink Corp.