About the Book

Traditional marketing is broken and for the most part ineffective. The reason is that 90% of marketing is focused on prospects.

Companies are so preoccupied on getting new customers through the purchase funnel that they forget to deliver an exceptional customer experience.

This book is about differentiation via added value. Flipping traditional marketing by investing your efforts towards customers with an exciting concept called “marketing lagniappe.”

Lagniappe (pronounced lan-yap) is a Creole word meaning “the gift” or “to give more.”  It’s a small gift given by a merchant at the time of purchase. An extra unexpected gift or benefit… something thrown in for good measure.  For today’s consumer value has become the new black. marketing lagniappe is about putting your customers first by giving that “little extra” in order to exceed expectations.


purple goldfish project logoWhat’s Your Purple Goldfish? provides 101 examples including companies such as Zappos, Southwest Airlines, Kimpton, TD Bank, Stew Leonard’s, Doubletree and Five Guys.  Large and small businesses that are using marketing lagniappe to generate word of mouth and more importantly word of mouse.

Why a Goldfish?

The size of a goldfish (i.e. your business) is dependent on five important factors:

  1. Size of the environment (i.e. the market)
  2. Amount of goldfish in the same environment (i.e. the competition)
  3. Quality of the water (i.e. the business environment / economy)
  4. Treatment during its first 120 days (i.e. start-up)
  5. Genetic makeup (i.e. differentiation)

The only factor you have control over is how you differentiate your product or service. How do you stand out in a “sea of sameness.”

What’s Your Purple Goldfish?